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Designed for the new and small business owners seeking to enhance visibility and to build business contacts through chamber networking programs and events.

USD 350 / 12 months

Recommended for businesses that are seeking to grow their customer base, build relationships with other businesses, strengthen involvement in the community, and increase their return on investment. This enhanced membership level offers expanded visibility for your company and is designed to meet the needs of mid-sized businesses and those with multiple locations and disciplines.

USD 650 / 12 months

Recommended for businesses that are leaders in the community. These companies often participate in joint ventures with the City and other organizations. We invite Growth Members to connect with the Chamber by partnering on new ideas and programs to better serve the community.

USD 1250 / 12 months

Stepping out from the crowd, the Aspire Partners are recognized by the community for their contributions to a solid foundation for the continued prosperity of our local business. Members at this level understand their active influence in the Dunwoody Chamber strengthens our local economy and directly benefits pro-business initiatives, this fosters a welcoming climate for growth.

USD 2500 / 12 months

Join this group and be a leader committed to the future of Dunwoody. The STAKEHOLDER MEMBER is a prominent leadership level of membership and offers you a seat at the table of the inner circle. The representative of the companies participating at this level often finds themselves networking with the City and County’s most influential business, political, civic, and education leaders. Play an active role at this level and you will help lead the future of businesses in Dunwoody and the region.

USD 5000 / 12 months

Because of their commitment to our region’s economic growth and development and their significant level of investment, Trustees play a vital role in the overall direction and focus of the organization. Trustees may request Chamber support, involvement, or intervention for specific issues or projects at no additional cost and work directly with the President and members of the Chamber’s management team. The Office of the President & CEO serves as the primary point of contact and direct liaison at the Chamber for all Trustee-level members.

USD 10000 / 12 months