Electric Owl Studios Set to Open in Atlanta on June 8

By Peter Caranicas, Variety


Atlanta continues its steady expansion in content production with the launch of a new production hub, Electric Owl Studios, set to open on June 8.


The new complex, described as “the greenest studio on earth,” Electric Owl Studios is a purpose-built film and television studio located in DeKalb County, just south of Decatur, Ga., co-founded by former Third Rail Studios executives Dan Rosenfelt and Michael Hahn.


The 312,000-square-foot production campus says it’s the world’s first ground-up LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold-certified facility, making it “the greenest studio on earth.” It aims to minimize its environmental impact by taking measures to reduce its carbon footprint and generate clean energy by including LED lighting, 48 EV charging stations, solar panels, living walls, high-efficiency HVAC, carbon-negative concrete, food dehydrators for landscaping reuse, solar golf carts, water refill stations and more.


With six purpose-built soundstages and expansive ancillary and parking space, the studio is large enough to support a tentpole feature film or two simultaneous large-scale television series. 


“Our goal is to be an easily accessible, turnkey film and TV studio offering superior facilities, services, and a friendly, reliable experience for our production clients,” said co-founder Rosenfelt. “Our focus on environmental stewardship aims to reduce the impact the production process can have on our planet by leading innovation in every aspect of filming, including design, construction, materials, and overall day-to-day operations.”


Rosenfelt added that the studio “look[s] forward… to continuing our strong relationship with Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, NBCU, Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Skydance and Legendary, and partnering with them in their production sustainability efforts.”


“In 2013, when I first started building film studios in the state, I would have never believed that the film industry would grow in Georgia the way that it has, and give back to the state in terms of jobs, infrastructure investment, and both property and income taxes,” added Hahn, co-founder and CEO of Capstone South Properties. “Film Studio infrastructure has been a great economic development tool for the State of Georgia and… will breathe a new life into the neighborhood around the Indian Creek MARTA [transit] station in DeKalb County, an area that had been seeking economic investment for years.”


Per Hahn, the new studio will create jobs and further support the entertainment industry’s annual $4 billion spend Georgia.


“The jobs and investment provided by Electric Owl Studios will have a tremendous impact on the Indian Creek neighborhood, and will also add another state-of-the-art facility to help us attract more film production,” said Georgia Film Office Director Lee Thomas. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Dan and Michael, and we applaud their commitment of minimizing the environmental impact of film production.”


“DeKalb County is proud to welcome Electric Owl Studios,” said Michael Thurmond, CEO of DeKalb County. “As a leader in Georgia’s film infrastructure, we are overjoyed to see new jobs and investment being created in our community and our county’s film and television production industry continuing to boom.”


Electric Owl Studios is also bringing its green model to other cities. The team has secured an 18-acre site in New York that will be Electric Owl’s second expansion location. The New York development is scheduled open in early 2025. The studio will again target LEED Gold certification and 50% power requirements generated from renewable resources.

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